Search Tips

General Search Tips

  • Spell all words correctly
  • Use the “Wikipedia search tool” that appears when no product results are found. It uses your search term to look for different spellings, alternative names and similar products.
  • Search for any product or service in the Search Box
  • To find more product information once you have found a product use the supplier website link

Can’t Find A Product?

  • Check the spelling or try an alternative spelling or name. For example “color” & “colour”.
  • Do not search for plurals. e.g search for “glove” not "gloves
  • Try entering only part of the word or phrase e.g for “methylamine” just enter “methyl”
  • Search in categories – Remember you can refine the search selection at any time by adding or removing words in the search box.
  • Search by CAS Numbers by searching for the numbers only e.g.143-07-7 Note: not all products have a CAS No. listed
  • If you still can’t find the product or service you are after then maybe we can help. contact us
  • Try searching one of our international chemical databases

To narrow your search if you are finding too many products-

  • Add more words to the search box to decrease the number of products found. For example if you’re searching “Agricultural Chemicals” you could add the word “Organic” to narrow your search.
  • To refine your search to only find words immediately next to each other i.e ‘chemical safety’, then join them with an ‘underscore’ i.e. “Chemical_Safety”

To expand your search if you are wanting to find more results-

  • Only enter part of the word as some words have multiple endings. By using this technique you will broaden your search to include various word endings and spellings. For example enter “epox” and you will find both “epoxy” and “epoxies”.
  • Enter a ‘space’ between each word, number and symbol. For example a search for “wheatgerm” will not find a listing for “wheat germ”. However a search for “wheat germ” will find “wheatgerm”. Search for “1 kg” not “1kg”.
  • Remove words not vital to your search such as “and” or “&”, as they will be treated as key words. So if the product you are searching for doesn’t contain “and” or “&” in the description, then these products will not be included in your search results.
  • Remove symbols from your search such as “/(),% * or ’ ”, as they cannot be searched for without the exact text match.

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