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DYMEREX RESIN is a pale, acidic, thermoplastic, high softening point resin. It is composed predominately of dimeric acids derived from rosin with lesser amounts of monomeric resin acids and neutral materials of rosin origin. Dymerex modified resin has high resistance to oxidation and does not crystallize from solutions or from solid compositions. It is compatible with many natural and synthetic film formers and rubbers. Being an acidic resin, it reacts readily with polyalcohols or hydrated lime to yield high melting derivatives. DYMEREX RESIN offers a alcohol-soluble, noncrystallin, resistant to oxidation, thermoplastic rosin acid and providing a very high softening point. DYMEREX RESIN is recommended to use in assembly, bookbinding, cable filling and flooding, caulks and sealants, contact adhesives, footwear and leather, hot melt adhesives, laminating, pressure sensitive, solventborne adhesives, tapes and labels, wax modification applications. Please see the brochure below and for further details contact our local sales representative today. Group: Specialty chemicals, electronic & specialties, paints & coatings, polymers. Application: Adhesives & Sealants, Others. Function: BINDERS, Other. Physical Form: Liquid. Product Code: PIM000046541. DKSH Performance Materials
Fresh Talc - Air Freshener
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FRESH TALC Air Freshener & Sanitiser is a pleasant long lasting floral perfume used to oust odours and germs. FRESH TALC is ideal for use in hotel and motel rooms, offices, toilets and showers, vehicle interiors and other areas where unpleasant odours are a problem. Try ODOUREX or TERMINATE for control of industrial odour problem like those encountered abattoirs or processing plants, or MARAZYME in grease traps, sewerage treatment plants or sceptics. FRESH TALC is normally used undiluted via a trigger spray.Aim into the air around the problem area or at the source of the odour. Do not use FRESH TALC on food contact surfaces or on animals. Able Westchem can supply trigger sprays, bottles and labels. Pack Sizes: 5 Litre, 20 Litres. Product ID: SC100. Chemicals By Industry, Janitorial & Maintenance. Able Westchem
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Tollman: Toll Manufacturing, Fast, Flexible, Quick Turnaround - High Quality. Tollman works closely with all their customers to manufacture finished products in accordance with the customers intellectual property & quality specifications. We package and label according to instructions and can provide a range of solutions in relation to your raw materials, packaging, labelling and delivery needs.
Where to buy Suppliers range
Tollman has the experience and flexibility to provide everything from raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, labels and delivery. No job is too simple or too complex. Our storage facilities handle non-dangerous good and dangerous goods of all classes. SERVICES INCLUDE: Custom Blending and Solubilising; High pressure homogenising; High sheer mixing; Custom Chemical Manufacturing; Reactions with or without vacuum; Custom Toll Manufacturing; Bulk Storing of Liquids; Product Storage & Distribution; PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE; JOINT VENTURE MANUFACTURING. Agricultural Products Include: Herbicides, Trifluralin 480, Glyphosate, 24d-680 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid. INDUSTRIES WE HELP: Agricultural; Automotive & Lubricating; Cleaning Chemicals & Solvents; Construction; Food Processing; Industrial; Mining; Personal Care. Categories: Toll Manufacturers, Contract Packaging, Chemical Packers & Blenders, Distribution & Mixing, Chemical Services, Product Distributors Tollman