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Phosclean Descaler
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PHOSCLEAN is an AQIS compliant CIP acid cleaner specifically designed for the removal of scale, rust & precipitates from lines and equipment & tanks in food, beverage & dairy industries. RUST CONVERSION (Metal Priming & Preparation). Remove oil, grease & loose scale with a free rinsing water based alkaline degreaser such as PREDATOR, TRIPLE 2 or MULTISAFE. If necessary strip paint with paint stripper. Once surface is paint & free of loose scale dilute PHOSCLEAN 1:3 with potable water to make standard solution (330mls per Litre). Apply diluted product to surface & allow to dry in order to penetrate deep rust & to leave surface in a suitable condition for painting with an oil based primer. Drying times are variable & are primarily dependent on temperature. Note: PHOSCLEAN requires time to chemically destroy rust & it is not necessary to use expensive rust inhibiting paints. Zinc rich paints are not recommended. PHOSCLEAN like all preventative measures will slow but not stop rust from re-occurring. Treated surfaces left uncoated may experience further rusting or flashing so it is important to paint surfaces soon after surface is ready for painting. SURFACE RUST, BORE STAIN & TARNISHING. Dilute PHOSCLEAN 1:4 with warn potable water to make standard solution (250mls per Litre). Simply submerge the rusty parts, leave for a few minutes & then check until satisfactory. Wipe or wash off on completion. As it is not always possible to soak surfaces in a bath apply diluted PHOSCLEAN to surface with a damp cloth, sponge or fine steel wool & keep wet. Once applied allow time to penetrate & work on surface. If surface is porous, prone to runoff or is alkaline (concrete or limestone) a recoat will almost certainly be necessary. TIP: Remember surfaces took a long time to scale, rust or encrust & the process to remove this also takes time. STAIN REMOVING & GENERAL CLEANING. Dilute up to 1:10 with warm water, however a dilution of 1:4 is recommended for most applications. Apply diluted PHOSCLEAN & allow a few minutes to work & then wipe or hose off. Do not allow to dry. Deeply encrusted stains may need further applications & some slight agitation with a brush or light sourer to promote penetration. Remember to keep the surface wet with product & do not allow to dry as process will halt. TIP: Always pre test an inconspicuous test area before tackling your job. CIP CLEANING. Pre wash using AQIS Alkaline Detergent such as AC222 or Hercules then flush. Then use PHOSCLEAN at a dilution to suit your requiremts (from neat to 1:100). TIP: Always allow up to 5 minutes of contact time to dissolve scale & precipitates. Always rinse food contact surfaces with potable water after use. Always pH adjust waste water to pH 7 with sodium hydroxide before release/ disposal. SITUATIONS TO AVOID IN USE. Avoid contact with Sodium Hypochlorite solutions (bleach), colorbond, anti-fouling paint, marble, anodised or galvanised surfaces & aluminium. Always pre test an inconspicuous test area before tackling your job. Pack Sizes: 5 Litre, 20 Litres, 205 Litre Drums. Product ID: WC861. Chemicals By Industry, Building & Construction, Chemicals By Industry, Food & Beverage Processing, Chemicals By Industry, Hospitality, Chemicals By Industry, Janitorial & Maintenance, Chemicals By Industry, Kitchen, Chemicals By Industry, Marine, Chemicals By Industry, Mining, Chemicals By Industry, Workshop. Able Westchem
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